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What do our diverse communities require in the way of services and facilities?

Are your local communities well provided with the community infrastructure they need?

When should community infrastructure be provided?


Who should provide it?

Who should pay for it?

Answering these complex questions requires a sound understanding of those services and the physical infrastructure they often require to support them.

Responsibility for delivering the diverse community infrastructure our society expects and needs rests with many agencies including all tiers of government, the non-government sector, community groups and the private sector. Local Government is increasingly seeing itself as providing a lead role in the coordination of service and facility provision, and assembling the necessary information to ensure that this is achieved effectively on behalf of all key stakeholders and, most importantly, local residents.

ASR Research recognises that the appropriate provision of services and facilities requires a consistent and comprehensive data collection framework. Enter the Online Electronic Social Planning Package (or eSPP).

What is the online electronic social planning package?

The online eSPP is an innovative online tool that assists organisations to better understand the past and current community infrastructure characteristics of local communities and assess likely future community infrastructure requirements.

Diagram outlining the structure of the eSPP and how it works

Guiding principles underpinning the online eSPP

Some of the key principles that underpin the development and operation of the online eSPP are:

  • To provide Councils with a common and accessible planning framework and set of indicators;
  • To encourage holistic data gathering and assessment - Do not base your planning on isolated bits of information or ‘gut feel’ instincts;
  • To encourage disciplined and consistent data gathering practices;
  • To encourage the regular sharing of information across disciplines and departments; and
  • To ensure that community infrastructure resources be provided equitably across all areas of the community, or to where the need exists most.

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